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I wish you all about something that happened recently, and to be honest, that scared the crap out of me at that time. Click on the image Steph is 35 years his hair blonde xnostars at the bottom of the shoulders, size 10, 34b, a fantastic ass and a great figure. My lovely wife Steph, and I had taken a week's holiday in Dubai. Great place to relax in the sun. Steph is a sun worshiper and while I'm in the sun for me, I want to do something, so we booked an excursion to the ' walking dunes ' desert to go. You know the type, do the 4x4 and the car in the sand dunes at high speed and angle. A real pleasure. Anyway, we met a few to go during our stay and agree with them, sharing the costs. Unfortunately, there was a long queue and not presented, but thought we would continue anyway. Our driver was Abid and was very well spoken and very clean cut. road After the xnostars rest day, we left for the last time a 'chimney ' food before sundown. Steph Wa little unhappy with the provisions vegetarian and it was just a choice of meat. He was upset to see it, press Abed, xnostars who was a local bar where we could get a good meal and your company would pay. We are willing to accept and returned in the 4x4. We drove about 10 minutes, but stay in the dunes and see the street. Steph and I were a little nervous, until suddenly a curve and we find ourselves in a small oasis you see in the movies. A hut made ​​of tin, the size of two trailer was parked there with half a dozen 4x4. Upon entering, the place was full of smoke and the local population. All was silent. Abid took the floor and the whole place came to life as the man shook my hand and made a straight line to Steph. Abid ordered the vegetarian meal and then took us to all xnostars your friends. Slowly we make our way and I talked a couple of good talked, I realized Steph received much attention from a group orf about 6 guys in the center of all ages and laughter. Abed approached me and started talking to me, put his arm around my shoulder. Before I knew what was happening, I was in another room and is spoken by a number of older men. I looked around to Steph, who seemed very happy to see Charles. The door, through visible and I could clearly see Steph. After a few minutes queit get a door close and xnostars I spent in the larger space. Steph was very much in the spotlight. Abid came to me and loudly said 'You must forgive my friends, are the old school and not often seen, blonde women in these parts of the country. ' An old man said something out loud, which brought a number of men laugh. Steph turned to Abed and asked him what he had said. Abid Lloko a little embarrassed and said the man was very polite. Steph harassed him until he finally said that man is questionable whether such a small white woman WOuld break when inserted his manhood. The place seemed to overlook how Steph saw the man and then asked to translate Abid. 'I've never seen a penis could not resolve in sight. ' Abid translates immediately and the old man laughed and xnostars gestured as if to drop his pants xnostars and looked directly at Steph. She did not flinch, looked into her eyes again and pretended to yawn. The other men fell into shouts of laughter. The man first and then see how far I could push that up pants and shirt to a semi -hard cock to reveal considerable. Steph never loses a bet and decided before him. She leaned toward him and cupping his balls in his hand, grabbed his penis and slowly began to masturbate him. This seems to be the key word for all, one after another, men in the queue for control. Two of the men went behind Steph and continued lifting arms and remove the cover and support. She was topless in a dimly lit, smoky room, Arab men. Men removed her jeans and underwear, as we have seen, knowning nothing stop now. More to follow.......
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